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All about Samsung Galaxy S8

OK so after so much wait, at last Samsung S8 hits the floor with the banging specs as well as the built quality. People all around the world were waiting for the latest s8 and were expecting somewhat the same features. Yes as expected camera is all fabulous with an extraordinary image result. Even after explosive thing what happened with Samsung note 7, people still are too much curios about buying the s8 and s8 plus as their sales are sky-high. Most of the people are praising of its camera as it snaps like one in a million. Snapdragon 835 is the fastest and as well as the state-of-the-art processor from the Samsung side. The screen is 5.8 inch while itch of the people is not yet cure, people desires for bigger screen and yes Samsung comes with the best PPI of 551 which is more than an excellent thing. Well yes S8 is less with the Home button but not with the volume and power button and the galaxy series is on with the full of power. The rare is camera is still 12MP but with more clear and sharp pixels while the front camera is 8MP and it goes on with more in near future. The speed treats more than the brand name and yes 4GB RAM is quite enough to handle the latest heavy and upgraded apps. Yes the talk of the town is its screen which is border less but not the bother less as it is bothering people with the top dropping phone ever cause of its shining and slippery hand feel. Dazzling people with overall its quality  and the built quality is more that an awesome thing and apart from the high tech features yes S8 is equipped with 4G LTE support and with super AMOLED QHD display in QUAD. 64 GB internal memory is enough to install more and more apps, games and other media. One additional feature is its wireless charging. After so many discussions and debates at the end Samsung s8 comers with wireless charging. Global warming is all the way around us but Samsung keeps it away from heating and exploding up  as compared to its last note 7 and it is water resistant as well. Overall in rating the critics are giving 8 on 10 and people are buying and paying higher amount of money to get and it is already got highest booking in preorders. So Samsung is grabbing most of it and overcoming its flaw and bad image which they got in their previous note 7 which were exploding.  So after creating so much with the drama, Samsung is exhaling the trauma which they got in note 7 and hope this time the S8 would not get the explosive issue but not the mind explosion by its super stupendous features.




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