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What is Microsoft HoloLens?

What is Microsoft HoloLens?

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Microsoft HoloLens has a vision for the future, and it involves terms and technology straight out of science fiction. But are we really glimpsing the future? Yes you have to decide the answer.
Microsoft has just unpacked the greatest of their inventions on Wednesday(7/10/15) and yes I am talking about the new Microsoft HoloLens. It is a sleek flashy headset with transparent lens which are really easy to clean too.Think when ever you see the world you see it from your own eyes and from your own prospective but think if you wear something on and it suddenly changes your surroundings into 3D, you see objects floating in air, virtual screens on the wall, enjoying a concert while sitting at home and much more. Can you imagine it??
Not only in homes but HoloLens can also work at multiple places, e.g In movie making industries, In different types of labs to reduce the chances of accidents, In schools and universities to elaborate different things in different ways and in many more places like these.
Even Hollywood, on the other hand, has shown this technology in Action. In “Minority Report” for instance, Tom Cruise’s character used sweeping, mid air hand gestures and transparent screen to do police work. Five years later, Apple unveiled the iPhone, and with it, a touch screen operated by hand and finger gestures. Microsoft in turn served up its kinect gesture-control device, which tracks people’s movement through space and feeds the data into an interface.
What’s a HoloLens, and how does it basically work?
Microsoft’s Hololens is not only a gadget which shows 3D images to everyone;this isn’t “Star trek. Of course it is obvious that not everyone can see the things which are going inside the HoloLens but only the one who is wearing the goggles can see and do uncountable things with it, and yes everyone else will think that you’re just a goofy guy wearing goofy-looking glasses.
While you’re wearing the HoloLens you can still see the real world and you can walk around anywhere and see things very clearly without worrying about your eyesight. The glasses will watch and monitor your movements, and transform what you see by blasting light at your eyes (it doesn’t hurt). Because the device tracks you all the time so you can see easily that where have you visited by just raising your hand and doing some hand gestures.
Microsoft HoloLens
microsoft HoloLens
There is also a small camera which is fixed in the HoloLens, so the HoloLens knows where tables, chairs, television and other stuff is.It then uses that information to project high definition 3D images.
CNet quotes real life Example by David danial as;
“I used the HoloLens to video chat with a Microsoft employee who was using Skype on a tablet.Her task? To help me rewire a light switch. She accessed a camera on the HoloLens to see through my eyes,then she drew diagrams and arrows where I was looking to show me what tools to pick up and how to use them.”
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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