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How Stress Destroy Health

How Stress Destroy Health

“Happiness is nothing more than just good health and a bad memory.” – Albert
Do you know stress can destroy your health? Stress is very dangerous for health. Stress directly affects your nervous system. It also increases the clotting of blood. Stress is connected with brain and stress always starts with brain. Stress creates dramatic affects over health. There are some bad impacts of stress over health and mental peace some of them are shared below.
Stress and emotion:stress
Stress disturbs your mind peace and you always stay in a state of uncomfortable. One of the research shows that if the person is in stress state he or she can’t control his emotions. If the person is angry, dunk his hands in icy water. This is the best technique to control his or her stress.
Stress makes you suffer from many diseases:
Stress is such disease which is not big deal for most of people but they do not know that stress makes you suffer from many other diseases too. Stress may lead you towards mental illness, suicide, cancer, depression, lungs disease and liver disorder. So keep away from stress it will keep you away from many diseases.
Stress can destroy your teeth:
Stress can also ruin your teeth. It is very dangerous for your teeth. Many people respond to their stress by grinding their teeth, it is very bad for your teeth. It simply damages your teeth by making them weak. It also changes in saliva due to high levels of stress hormones, and decreased immunity.
Stress is enemy of heart:
Stress is very bad for damage the heart muscles. Stress damages your heart because stress hormones increase your heart rate and constrict your blood vessels. This makes heart to work hard and it increase your blood pressure. This whole situation leads you towards sudden heart attacks and sudden deaths.
Stress makes you fat:
It is common observation that if people are suffering from stress than they will eat more food. It is verified that people eat 40 percent more food when they are stressed, which leads them towards fat.
Stress makes you older:
Stress contributes a lot towards making you to look older. Stress affects your health system in such a way that it stops new cells to grow and it leads you towards signing of aging, weak eyesight, wrinkles and weak bones etc.
Stress and immune system:
The relation of body and mind is very strong .Stress affects your immune system badly. It makes you suffer from many infections. The best way to release tension and stop this situation is through exercise. Excercise is very good for your body and it really helps to free you from stress.
Mental health:
Stress is very bad for mental health. It affects your mind in very bad manner. Stresss makes you think a lot. Stress makes you suffer from many diseases like headache, depression, anxiety, weight gain, sleep problems and heart attacks.
Stress makes you suffer from many stomach problems. It creates stomachaches. These same hormones cause the colon to work faster and may lead to diarrhea.
Take care of your diet:
Take care of your diet in order to keep you healthy. Have your breakfast properly .Add vegetables to your diet. It will keep you healthy.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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