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Apple inspection factories in China

In a statement Apple said that to FLA special audit performed their assembly, including the factories of Foxconn located in China. Already the first inspection took place on the premises of Shenzhen, also known as Foxconn City.

Apple foxconn inspection

The organization commanded by Apple interview Foxconn employees on topics such as conditions, hours, compensation, safety, communication with superiors, and so on. Detailed inspections will be made in the areas of manufacturing, documentation and procedures used in the performance and project stages.

Foxconn is not only under the scrutiny of auditors, also companies Quanta and Pegatron (of which Apple is a customer) will be evaluated. In the end Apple claims that the Fair Labor Association procedures covering 90% of which produce their products.

Remembering Foxconn plans to open 5 companies in Brazil paraproducir components Apple is worth mentioning that the results of audits will have a significant impact on the project.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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