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Apple iPad 3 vs TV 3 or A6 vs A5X

One factor is clear: The iPad three is supplied with a brand new CPU. whereas the entire quad-core chip to attend for Apple iPad A6 three is a diagram of a logic board with is Apple A5X leaked chip - in all probability a dual-core CPU. And abruptly there it is again: Apple engaged on two CPUs - as well as to the proven one Apple Apple A5X A6 is within the pipeline.

The code of IOS 5. 1 beta subsequent to the title S5L8945X (A5X) seems to provide a S5L8950X, the Apple A6 quad core CPU ought to be. So backside line is each an improved A5 processor as A5X within the race and the brand new quad-core chip Apple A6.

What precisely Apple is doing with these two chipsets present up - as if each are offered within the following few weeks. doable eventualities for A5X and A6:

Apple iPad three with quad-core processor A6, cheaper "Apple iPad 2S" with A5X
Apple iPad three with quad-core A6, the A5X discovered within the brand new Apple television three
Apple iPad three with A5X, Apple A6 supposed solely for later use because the iPhone 5
Apple brings in actual truth a eight inch iPad within the marketplace - there A5X, within the "big" iPad three of the A6

Whatever the end result it is going to be soon, we will at the very least know whether or not the brand new iPad three with an Apple Quad Core chip A6 will likely be supplied. What do you suppose.

right here the primary traces of code in iOS 5. 1 beta, identify the 2 chipsets.

Apple iOS chips

[Courtesy : 9 to 5 MAC]
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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