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Apple iPhone 5 Probable Preview

Right this moment we get an excellent idea iPhone 5 with the curves and design of the Apple Mouse Magic Mouse, the reality is that it is not bad, I would not thoughts it that approach the following iPhone, however return to this earth . . . . we will not even joke.

apple iphone 5 image

On this idea no specs as with the ADR Studio, in case you would like I make them up myself. , right here are:

  • A6SJ Processor (Steve Jobs) 8 core Turbo Switch.
  • Retina Star Screen 1024x768 pixels.
  • 128Gb internal memory.
  • NFC Chip.
  • Fusion connector Thunder Bolt.
  • Intel Graphics Processor 512Mb Grain X-J2.
  • 12 Megapixel camera with optical zoom and stabilizer USM X3.
  • Front camera Face Time 1080.
  • Xenon Flash.
  • 1080p Video Recording up to 120fps for slow motion.
  • Siri Spanish Supported!
  • Hydrogen-Ion Battery, 2 weeks ..... 24 hours standby and on!
  • Induction charging base with Fast-IN (sold separately € 49.99)
  • Includes Design by Dr.Dre headphones.
  • Weight: 120gms.
  • iOS 6.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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