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Problems in the Apple factories

This week Auret van Heerden, director of the neutral trustworthy Labor Association, shocked us with a press launch by way of which he assured that "at present, for whon they had witnessed in his early evaluation on the Foxconn plant in China, the circumstances have been increased than in a garment manufacturing unit. " Not even each week has handed such controversial statements and is accountable for audits has radically modified his ideas.

apple factories problems

The medium Bloomberg has had the prospect to interview by telephone Auret van Heerden, who has acknowledged that "are discovering tons of problems" and says they might ought to make important bulletins inside the approaching weeks. As van Heerden acknowledged in his opening remarks, the FLA staff nonetheless wanted to meet with thousands of staff of the factories to check about their excessive high quality of life. immediately after the interviews with Foxconn employees was when the director of the affiliation which carries out audits appear to have modified his ideas.

the first week of March could be important to know the true situation at Foxconn, as a result of it will then be made public the first report of the group.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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