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Apple iPad 3 Back Cover

Slowly, the iPad 2S / iPad 3 rumor mill gets going. This photo of the back cover of the iPad 3 (in addition to related source) wants to show us: the iPad comes 3 in a similar form factor (2S iPad?) But with a different camera, battery and other larger LCD screen (retina in the iPad 3).

The colleagues of repair labs have supposedly got leaked this photo of an iPad 3 overleaf. Compared with the iPad 2 shows the new "iPad 3 Housing" or "iPad 2S housing" Allow a few differences, the following conclusions:

The logic board (CPU with A6?) Is smaller or narrower, so
more battery fits into the new iPad. This could be either a longer battery life and a constant iPad 3 battery life at a higher power consumption, eg due to the new
LCD display, which has probably changed in the iPad 3 also. Whether here in the retina screen iPad 3 is used remains open but definitely get updated very often
a new camera - but probably no flash ...

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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