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Apple iphone 4S jailbreak

The first jailbreak iPhone 4S is well done and is available as a simple and pretty jailbreak app named Absinthe for download! The 4S iPhone jailbreak is so after a long wait finally here! We are pleased to finally be allowed to welcome including all over the Cydia jailbreak apps on the iPhone 4S.
apple iphone 4s jailbreak

We collect below the download links for the untethered jailbreak of the iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 (and iPad 2) for Windows Mac OS X. We

Here you always find the latest direct download link to the jailbreak tools cinject Absinthe &

Download Greenpois0n Absinthe - iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak iPhone 4S & iPad 2

The Jailbreak iPhone 4S with the tool is recommended for Absinthe "jailbreak beginner". The tool is a sort of graphical one-click jailbreak. Thank you to the Chronic Dev Team for their outstanding work with absinthe! Absinthe is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Download cinject CLI jailbreak - iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak iPhone 4S & iPad 2

Cinject is available for Mac OS X and Windows available for download and provides a command-line tool to jailbreak iPhone and iPad 2 4S dar. We recommend the tool more experienced friends jailbreak. The result of Absinthe and cinject is the same: an iPad 2, or 4S with iPhone Jailbreak! Thank you for MuscleNerd cinject!

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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