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APPLE iPhone 5 might be release in summer

Can the iPhone 4s to sell like crazy but still the same ... selling and rumors about the iPhone 5!

According to recent information leaked a factory worker at the Apple screen the new model will have 4-inch size or even bigger!

APPLE iPhone 5

To new model will be symmetric in thickness on all sides, which contradicts previous information on "drop-shaped."

Moreover, it is longer and perhaps wider than the current iPhone.
The original models are at least five managers expect to conduct the tests to come and start the production process.

Again, according to the same source until the end of summer the new model will be on the shelves of stores!

And we have no reason to challenge it because it was he who revealed last summer that Apple was preparing to release the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5!

And "fell into"!
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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