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Apple submitting application iPad3

Only the lack of official confirmation from Apple, it seems that we all give as good as the date of early March as the one chosen for the presentation of the next version of iPhone. There are many rumors that have been happening in recent days from leaked photos to the possible arrival of iPhone OS 5.1 also in March.

apple ipad 3 looks

Everything seems to fit perfectly, and now that according to sources at The Next Web, some of the developers working with Apple say they are exhibiting their applications to test them with the supposedly new and higher resolution screen would offer the iPhone as well the increase in speed of the processor.

We know that Apple likes to take care of every detail in their presentations or official events, so it makes sense that now are testing applications that show the best of the new features of the Apple tablet.

Some of these applications are also being recommended for inclusion in any of the TV ads iPad 3, since it seems that Apple has some favorites. Everything points to an official presentation, the first of the iPhone without Steve Jobs in front. Will we see a 2S or iPad iPhone 3?

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