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Apple TV3 with A6 processor 1080p Full HD

The small black box Apple TV 2 is no longer the one hand and on the other hand, the recent sold out permanently. While rumors suggest about the "Apple HDTV" aka "Apple iTV" has made ​​it to the Apple TV box a little calmer. But the stocks are on backorder and probably almost anything. So come in soon, the AppleTV 3 with Apple A6 and finally CPU 1080p Full-HD?

apple TV 3 1080p A6 processor latest

Amazon also has been fighting longer with the availability of the Apple TV 2 and get supplies in small quantities that are sold out in no time. (See AppleTV2 at Amazon )

9to5 BestBuy talked to his source. This confirms, firstly, that no AppleTV are 2 more in stock, nor can be ordered (which never occurred). "Unavailable" means in this case that the product will no longer be maintained and make room for a new AppleTV 3 could be made.

What do you think? Are we still in front of the Apple iTV HD TV with Apple TV 3 box - perhaps together with the iPad 3 - get presents?

In particular, the (still) missing 1080p HD support on the new AppleTV 3 together with a faster processor Apple A6 us would be very happy.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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