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Custody Clean screen iPhone Wipecoin

One of the positive aspects of a fully touchscreen device is the presence of a large screen and the absence of a physical keyboard, in these conditions the display is constantly being "dirtied" by our fingers, it will surely happen that after a very short time the display is full of fingerprints. To resolve this situation and not having to constantly use a cloth to clean it, WipeCoin is available, a case for the iPhone screen cleaner.

iphone 4s tweaks photo

The manufacturers have thought to solve the above problem with the introduction of a small element in a position to clean the screen, positioned in the lower part of the device. Looking at the pictures you can see that there is a coin-shaped cushion at the bottom left, in time of need you can remove it and slide the display to remove any fingerprints, can be finished using it again engage in the same location.

In addition to this, the WipeCoin is a real case for iPhone, has a plastic shell capable of covering the entire back of the iDevice leaving space for the camera, the power button, one of the volume and the logo of Apple .

The described product is sold on Amazon at a price of $ 20.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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