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First ever PC game is now available for iPhone iPad

The first video game that never saw the computer was created in 1981 by Bill Gates himself to participate in planning. The historic Donkey is now available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store.donkey game for iphone ipad

The Donkey (aka filename DONKEY.BAS) was a racing game that incorporated the first versions of the operating system MS-DOS.
Of course, the term "racing game" has nothing to do with the current data. The play co-create a Bill Gates put the player in the driver's seat and the mission was to avoid the donkeys that appeared on the road. The Donkey was played only with the space bar, through which the players change lane to avoid hitting the likeable quadrupeds.

The Donkey is available on the App Store over 0.79. Although hard to find anything in these young people, who have lived the golden era of 8-bit gaming will appreciate it properly.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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