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iOS 5 iPhone Bluetooth File Sharing

Send files via Bluetooth from the iPhone to the iPhone? Or even via Bluetooth from the iPhone to another phone or computer? Send to Bluetooth music, contacts and videos from the iPhone? Do not go! Celeste Bluetooth file sharing will come again and will then also support iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1. Celeste is ready for "beta testing" ready.

bluetooth iOS 5 file sharing

At that time, Celeste wonders as the Bluetooth for iPhone was announced. Celeste worked (if only briefly and only on certain versions of IOS also) was bearable but $ 7.99 to $ 9.99 after introduction or even a house number. (See also the recent articles on Celeste here for the official launch here and Celeste iOS 1.1 for 4.3.x ) Then it was quiet - no response from Celeste or Cocoanutapps! For 10 dollars a dam ... moderate support.

But now wants Cocoanuts Celeste Bluetooth file sharing to revive. Buyers can then Lige now in beta repo Celeste Cocoanuts and the beta versions of Celeste with Gremlin download YourTube YourTube 3 or HD. The beta repo under her will:

And of course, have only really PAST CLIENTS access to this repository to Cydia.

For those of you having trouble accessing the repo, we've restricted access to current customers, so that would explain things :)

With the article " Mobile iTunes Pwned Yet Again "for the update of Gremlin iOS 5 and related apps like Celeste is announced:

Contrary to popular belief, Cocoanuts is still alive and kicking. Behind the scenes we have been working day and night to get working on iOS5 Gremlin. Today we're excited to announce that we've finally cracked the puzzle!

This means all our tweaks that depend on Gremlin (Celeste, YourTube, and several unannounced super-secret projects : O ) Are finally ready for beta testing.

However, according to some problems Cocoanuts is as follows:


  • Send from your iPod does not work with the public version of ActionMenu
  • Do not manually activate BTstack from Preferences. Let Celeste do this automatically for you


  • Artwork might not be imported correctly, we're looking into this
  • If you try to import while the iPod / Music app is running, the import will fail

May have from a BUY to Celeste, we advise you as to date, user already purchased the Celeste Celeste, however, like to test their paces. Remember - Celeste is again Beta - Errors are therefore "inevitable".

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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