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iPad 2 making difficulties in releasing iPad3

The best way to find a new device that comes close is when it starts to run out the current model. Given the secrecy of Apple this method is an excellent indicator that warns of the proximity of an event included presentation. If we said recently that the iPad 3 could be released in early March , is then reduced supply of iPad 2 in stores? In effect.

At least some retailers such as Carphone Warehouse and Orange in the UK among others, are seeing a reduction in stocks in WiFi + 3G variants. Last year something similar happened a few weeks before the release of iPad 2.

ipad 3 releasing difficulties

However, note that this has not happened in the case of the economic model with WiFi connectivity. Why this difference? In 9to5mac have several theories about it. One of them suggests that the iPad 2 WiFi continue in production after the iPad 3 appears to act as an entry model to the range.

If Apple also plans to offer iPad 2 models with 3G connectivity at lower prices next month, then the scarcity of this could indicate an internal update silently. One would expect from Apple a change in the chip for any iPad 2 3G supports both GSM and CDMA technology as it already does the iPhone 4S . This modification would also avoid some of the patent litigation that the company has now brought against Motorola.

It gets very interesting, and we look forward to more details, filraciones and rumors about the iPhone 3, news that will tell you promptly when they occur. Stay tuned to the blog!

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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