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The rumors about the iPad 3 Release are getting bigger. The iPad 3 will be available from March. Photos of iPad 3 Cases have now surfaced on the Internet and in addition to allegedly already started mass production, Amazon now offers even on first trade books for pre-order on the new Apple product. In addition, Apple reported a Japanese blog about the fact that the iOS 5.1 is released simultaneously with the iPad.

The popular Apple iPad 3 will be on sale in March - and also the iOS 5.1! Bloomberg reports that it will not last much longer, go to the new tablet in the first shops and Apple Stores - and that too with iOS 5.1! The photos surfaced on the Internet show a protective cover for the new iPad. The manufacturer offers a Chinee protective shell model, which should be considered for a so-called iPad 2S. This is one millimeter thicker than the iPad second Whether 2S iPad, and iPad 3 are identical? This question will remain unanswered for the time being well, even though indications pointing to the new tablet more and more.

ipad 3 leaked photosAbout the facilities of the iPad 3, we have also been reported a lot. But come here again and again to many rumors. So shall it be Apple iPad 3 equipped with LTE. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is also known as a successor to the 3G mobile communications and is often referred to as 4G. This successor to UMTS can download up to 300 Mbits per second. But although it would have the whole mobile network in Germany to be converted. Benefits would include it as a permanent video telephony on the go. Quasi: A wireless broadband Internet access, which is independent of location. And of course, iOS 5.1 as software.

Amazon France points to the release date of the iPad 3 in March down. The French online retailer already lists the first books for the new Apple tablet. There is for instance the book "iPad 3 pour les nuls" which in German means "iPad 3 for dummies". This textbook is from 29 March available. Also, Amazon Germany has already taken the first book on the iPad 3 to the range. "The ultimate book on the practice iPad 3" can already pre-order and will be released in March of this year.

Several Asian trade magazines confirm the information in the Internet the start of production that are from manufacturers and suppliers such as Foxconn and Pegatron have been reported. The Japanese blog named Macotakara also reports that in March and the iOS 5.1. to be published. There it is assumed that the latest version of Apple's mobile OS will be released in parallel with the iPad third

In addition, it is usual to give two versions of iPad. A version with WiFi + 3G and LTE, and a version with WiFi.

The news service Digitimes of Taiwan was assumed that the iPad 3 already presented at the iWorld. This was not the case. An official statement from Apple's name is currently pending. Whether the iPad will be 3 in March in trade is as yet unclear. All the rumors are always tight and it might not be far off.

Another rumor that is current through the Internet, but not so implausible, could be the integration of NFC technology. With NFC, a cashless payment and therefore could be possible on the wallet, or at least replace the small change.

According someone who claims to have an iPad 3 prototypes, photographs for released iBoot. Lots of information on the photos were taken unenkenntlich so probably the identity of the photographer remains protected. The details show little discernible that will definitely give it two versions. A wireless version, and a 3G or LTE version. In addition, the images reveal that it is a SoC (System on a Chip) S5L8945X. This chip is also called the A6 and is the successor to the A5, which was built into the iPhone and iPad 2 4S. How many cores the A6 really offers is still unclear.

Will it give the iPad back in March? So far, there is nothing, but nothing of this. While currently no new rumors for the release of the iPad circulate through the network, ask yourself some point the iPhone and new iPods hit the stores. There are also rumors and that is the Apple phone in June and new iPods introduced in September.

If the three cases can be presented in four weeks have really, you could steal one of the major competition before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the show. Apple will not attend but there will but go with a new publication, the media attention.

iFixit expects iPad 2 HD instead of the third iPad In the past, iFixit has already vorhergesehe some facts, to appear in retrospect to be correct. On the iPhone last fall said iFixit for example, that no LTE support is released, because the power consumption would be too high.

The iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens said, this time about his expectations for the upcoming iPad and told some interesting things here. He expects that Apple will not mention the model of 2012 iPad 3, but probably the iPad 2 HD. The screen resolution will now be bigger, but Vienna's expects a Verviefachung of pixels. The quad-core chip will be installed A6 is not in the iPad successor. The iPad 2 HD will have an even smaller than the iPad Geähause second

New pictures show the rear of the upcoming iPad. From these images one can conclude that a larger battery is installed. Moreover, a better camera in the iPad successor is expected.

According to a recent report from All Things Digital, an IT, engineering and media Web site, will be presented to the iPad in the first week of March. Here there will be an in-house Apple event in San Francisco. The launch could be quite a week later.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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