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ipad 3 high retina display

The New York Times wrote in an article today that an Apple engineer allegedly been the "truly amazing" display of the iPad can cheer third Alledings was still not yet officially confirmed by Apple before, if the 3 iPad really the beginning of March will be presented.

ipad 3 display high

News is almost certain that the company will buy from Cupertino iPad 3 is a high-resolution retinal display. Furthermore, should the new iPad generation come along even with a faster processor. According to some rumors, the actual form factor, however, should not change and stay the same. In recent weeks, although sometimes the talk that the iPad will be 3 1 mm thicker than the current iPad second One reason for this could be an improved accreditation again. It might take a really not be long before Apple will send out invitations for a special event. Generally it should be about 14 days later, new iPad then already available on the market.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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