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ipad 3 presentation

Signs of the next presentation of the iPad 3 have multiplied in recent days. They have leaked images of its components, its screen, and even data to debate whether the chip will carry the tablet will be dual or quad core or launching an upgrade of IOS . This morning we reached another sign, and though perhaps not the one that captures attention is still important: the choice of applications to be shown at the launch of iPhone 3. Apple is working against the clock with advertising agencies to choose the best.

Selected applications have to squeeze the most of the new capabilities of the tablet, as its higher resolution screen and graphics power. Serve both the demonstration to take place on stage and in the demonstration videos and television commercials from Apple and should be as colorful and attractive as possible. From the source listed Infinity Blade II , which leads me to believe that it would be rare to see a high definition version of that game to demonstrate the power of the iPhone 3 to the public.

Apple tends to choose the games fast enough, and we have an example here. The CEO of Digital Legends and told us in an exclusive interview over two years ago how he was called from Apple few days before the introduction of the iPhone 3G to generate a version for the iPhone game Kroll. And now that mobile platforms from Apple and Google are threatening the veterans Nintendo and Sony, developers can have real gems ready for a screen of 9.7 inches retina. It is less.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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