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iPhone 5 will be in market soon

After last year's expectations of the iPhone were big 5, but then came the iPhone but only in the 4S shops, it is likely this year finally going to happen. The iPhone 5 could be announced by Apple at WWDC already (Worldwide Developers Conference). It should already be operated by Apple in testing for at least an industry magazine reported. The aim is already different prototypes of the iPhone is 5 in the test phase. This was reportedly confirmed by a member of the Chinese contract manufacturer Foxconn, which manufactures the new iPhone 5 and where the production is imminent shortly.

iphone 5 leaked picture

What is announced official iPhone 5 at WWDC? Is it already in circulation and is being tested by Apple? According to the British trade magazine 9tomac different prototypes are already in circulation. The aim is to be used prototypes of Apple for testing to determine the final design of the smartphone and adapt. The first series production will begin shortly.

In the article on continues: The mass production of the iPhone 5 is imminent, and therefore could be the launch of the iPhone 5 made by Apple this summer. The prototypes of Apple's smartphones, all have a 4-inch display. This is to be produced by LG, the manufacturer is at least at least a smartphone called. The "tears"-style ("teardrop" design) should be but in none of the prototypes. In addition, the iPhone will be wider and longer, and should it prove to the rumors, the iPhone 5 would be the first iPhone with a larger display than 3.5 inches.

According to the journalists of that magazine, this was confirmed by a "reliable source" from Foxconn. Foxconn is a supplier of Apple and will appear again in the news. The company is one of the world's largest manufacturer of electronics and computer parts.

In addition, write a few news sites that the iPhone 5 at WWDC for the first time the public will be presented. Apple has yet to be announced anything. If you believe the cycle (with the exception of the last iPhone), this could even be true.

How many devices from Apple actually in circulation, the report by 9to5Mac can be inferred, however. However, they wrote, however, that this is different versions of the iPhone 5th Whether on the matter but what is in it, which no one can say. Apple has published no official confirmation and will probably not do it. Maybe an Apple employee loses the white iPhone 5 in a bar who.

Should everything go according to plan, the iPhone 5 could already be available in about five months in the shop. The previous iPhone always came in June / July and were presented at WWDC. In addition to the iPhone 4S, that this was something later, in October. If the predictable cycle of Apple come back to its old state and the iPhone 5 so already presented to the WWDC?

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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