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iPhone laser weapons for Real Life FPS

Recently, we have already had the gun XAPPR presented, but after Hasbro sets. Laser Tag by Hasbro gets an update for the iPhone and the kick starter project "App Day" also bears witness to target "of iPhone users on their arms." The fact is that 2012 children (and young at heart) to play back into the streets - with iPhone creaking.

While the iPhone gun from hasbro laser tag at mashable not really come off as good (cheap plastic) takes the kick starter project "AppTag Laser Blaster" significantly more popular!

This new edition of the laser tag hasbro for iPhone:

iphone laser gun

More convincing is because the laser gun kick AppTag project. The cannon AppTag iPhone offers:
  • a pressure sensitive trigger
  • a reload button
  • four additional buttons that are so occupied in games for switching weapons, Walkie Talkie, medkits can.

Somehow, everything sounds after that "killer games" can actually be played soon in front of the door or in your garden! We are sooooo excited to see how this genre developed at iPad iPhone Accessories.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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