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iPhone unlock via facial recognition

Anyone who wants to protect against unauthorized access iPhone does so usually by pass code! RecognizeMe 2.0 takes out the entry of the passcode and recognizes you by improved face detection even faster. New in 2.0 RecognizeMe - the iOS 5 Face Detection Core Image accelerated the recognition of your portraits. RecognizeMe 2.0 is available BigBoss Cydia repo for 2.99 U.S. dollars.

The Cydia jailbreak tweak needed to unlock the iPhone but still longer than the input of the 4 digits - but a biometric identification of the owner is just cool.

RecognizeMe for iOS 5

iphone unlock via facial recognization

Approach for face recognition with RecognizeMe:

Of course you need to use a RecognizeMe FaceTime device with front camera (4S iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad 2)

After the purchase & download in Cydia 2.0 RecognizeMe her the app starts on the home screen and bring it by training in your face. Here, at least three training sets with different levels of illumination can be stored.

Kintampo in the settings of the iPhone. There, you have to assign a passcode (or digits password). Now at the top right of each slider unlock via the button for face recognition is shown by RecognizeMe.

From here it is left to you whether you're using the quick entry by numerical code to unlock or scan your face let.

$ 2.99 is not cheap, but RecognizeMe 2.0 works quite reasonable. Nevertheless, the Gesichtsentsperrung will probably be used more rarely - the four digits go from here faster!

Here you will find information about the RecognizeMe 2.0 from Cydia:

- IOS 5 Core Image Face Detection added to vastly improve detection time, Which improves overall speed and recognition!
- New animation to see how RecognizeMe see's your face! (Even on iOS 4 where core image Face Detection is not available!)
- Speed ​​Improvements
- Tweaks to better recognition algorithm matching features
- Improved clarity of incoming camera stream across all devices
- Added unlock feature on Startup (starts RecognizeMe upon swipe-to-unlock)
- All artwork updated

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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