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MacBook latest features changing

In recent months we have repeatedly reported that Apple could be working on a new, thinner, and resembling the MacBook Air MacBook Pro. Now, on Friday the U.S. blog Apple Insider reports that the company from Cupertino will soon renew its entire MacBook Pro line and would like to make leaner.

macbook latest changes

According to the U.S. blog, the new MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs like, can do without an optical drive and run on flash memory. Thus it should be clearly dünnner total and slimmer.

The company from Cupertino will be used in all new models, the new Intel processors from the Ivy Bridge platform. These new processors are früshtens be available in April this year, the iPhone could also imagine the Group during this period new MacBook Pro models. Furthermore, should still be the talk of instant-on capabilities and a longer battery life. According to Apple Insider, Apple earlier this year, first upgrade the 15-inch model, the MacBook Pro will reportedly follow with 17-inch only in the course of the year. The company from Cupertino to say goodbye yet complete in this year from the current MacBook Pro design.

It has been numerous reports that Apple is planning a thinner MacBook Pro.

latest changes macbook

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