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Now for free Droplr iPhone back in the App Store

In december disappeared Droplr iPhone app from the App Store when the service was updated to version 2.0. Now Droplr back again and you can share files and links from your iPhone as usual. Droplr 2 is largely identical to the version prior to the disappearance. However, the Twitter Integration added and the app would be a lot faster and become more stable. The biggest change is in the price: Droplr is now free.

free iphone 4s droplet

With Droplr you can quickly find photos, videos, notes, audio tomb elements and other files on your iPhone with others. Here you get a shortened link that you can use other apps. The app keeps track of how often a shared item is clicked. Droplr is also available for OS X and Windows.

It is remarkable that according to the tweets of the developers of the app Droplr in less than an hour after it was approved by Apple for review was filed. It may have to do with Apple's review process to significantly accelerate or that the developer is quite slow with the posts about this.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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