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Power and Battery for iPhone and iPad

Two battery packs for iPhone and iPad - MILI Power Shine and MILI Cooper Power ! While the Cooper Power focuses on the desktop or bedside mode, the power is ideal for Shine your pocket or purse. 4000 mAh or 3000 mAh spare battery is therefore quite a bit of run time for your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

ipad power

The MILI Shine Power comes from high quality and could almost pass for a flatterer. 4000 mAh recharge your iDevice problems. MILI and has thought the Power-Shine: There are available next to the microUSB Aufladebuchse two USB ports for tapping the energy! USB1 deliver 1 amp at 5 volts (perfect for iPhone & iPod) - USB2 can come up with 2.1 A at 5V (for the iPad).

The Cooper Power MILI is an extra battery for use on the desktop. With 3000 mAh though dimensioned slightly smaller power supplies, the shine is still a lot of extra power for your iDevice. The Cooper Power aims while quite clearly on the smaller iDevices such as iPhone, iPod touch, etc.

Comes to be brief - the MILI Cooper Power is like a battery docking station while the Power Shine "traditional" add-on battery for iPhone and iPad. Both are high quality finish - both with blue LEDs indicate the charging status of the battery pack.

Which product should you choose? Depends on the envisaged application:

  • Who now and then the Apple iPad would depend on the additional power should be for the Power Shine decide.
  • Anyone traveling or in the office the iPhone or iPod on the bedside table / desk would always have an eye for the might of Power Cooper is the right choice

The MILI Power Shine is portable, but you need to connect a dock cable (included). At Power Cooper is iDevice directly plugged into the connector. Spoilt for choice is yours - but one thing is clear: High were able to convince both products!

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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