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SARA configuration SBsetting best alt to SiRi

Wonder that someone did something about SIRI now has mimimi 4S saying that the iPhone does this or that, now we can do all the same! Logico ever with a few differences, eg the SARA is still in testing phase and I believe that in a few days will get better and better as the SIRI, the community has always been like Cydia has always had the best ideas that the folks at Apple ! Just see how many ideas they grabbing of Cydia, the SIRI it was created within the Cydia good that not the case now ...

SARA SIRI alternative

How to configure to open SBSettings SARA with just a touch?
Simple install SBSettings and Activator,

After downloading the activator va!
Click screen at home!
Dps short hold!
Select the Sahara and then open the activator dnovo dps! In va on application!
Dps short hold diNovo select the Sahara and voila!
open SBSettings icons look seleciione hide the icons and activator sara own SBSettings!

Go back to the homescreen wait a few seconds!
And voila! Joinha to and see all you guys!
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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