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Shortcuts for calls and messages for iPhone 4S

Some time ago the Jeff Broderick gave a solution for those who want to have shortcuts to switch settings iOS. Although Apple stopped supporting these shortcuts in the first beta of iOS 5.1 the developer has continued this effort and not too long ago created the QuickContact.

iphone 4s contacts hiderWith this users are still on iOS 5.0.1 may have their Home Screen contacts you use most often with the icons they have chosen the QuickContact.

The QuickContact allows us to create icons for Home Screen for people who want to call or send a message by selecting one of the 15 icons designed by the Broderick or by upload the icon of your choice, everything can be done through the Safari and do not need to have some other application. Just give the details for our first contact and select the icon you want to be doing the installation profile that we will see, this will allow us to use the shortcuts correctly. The only downside to all this is that every time you press any of the shortcuts the first open Safari and then make the call or sending a message.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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