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The best high resale phones ever

If you want to sell a used phone, for example, after one year, then you can this course do not sell more with the full price, but with a low price. Especially the smartphones lose relative rapidly in value, because the development of better components always continues.

According to a report of Priceonomics iPhones will be sold much better and eibringen more money than other smartphones. When the iPhone for example has been used 18 months and would then be sold, then you can certainly ask for it still to 53 percent of the price. Smartphones including BlackBerry, or other reach the Android operating system only a resale value of 42 percent.

Next to an iPhone cost the user in 18 months, about 13.20 U.S. dollars per month, Android smartphones can cost up to $ 18 per month. This difference arises because, as the demand of used iPhones is very high. Furthermore, Android phones will become obsolete much faster, because there appear new models faster than with Apple.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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