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The new Siri feature SiriMemes

SiriMemes is a new tweak to Siri that allows the assistant voice show the user the "meme" most common (including Troll, Rage Guy, etc.). Just ask Siri and display the images on your device.

4s siri new sirimemes

In the current release of SiriMemes are some commands that can be taught using Siri iPhone exclusively in English or German. Among these are:

problem / trolls / trollface / troll face - Trollface
pass auf / whatch out - Whatch out
why / why you (not | know | now) / warum / Wieso - yu no?
yeah / Yeehaw / oh ja - awwwww YEEAAAAHH
me gusta / i like / gefllt mir / mag ich - Me Gusta

For each command will respond by displaying the appropriate Siri "meme". SiriMeme Assistant Extensions is a plugin that will be installed automatically along with this tweak.

You can download from Cydia SiriMeme. The package is available within the repository of BigBoss.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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