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Useful jailbreak tweak points

Once again shows how thoughtful and useful may be the jailbreak. This time it's about a little tweak of the user warns when a software secretly to the address of the iPhone accesses the data and (possibly) secretly steals. This is what happened and been exposed only a few days ago when the App Path did just that and saved the Adressbcher the user on its servers.

[...] Is a free ContactPrivacy IOS modification by Ryan Petrich, indicating the address book access of apps. The user will then have the option to allow or prohibit access the address. The developer points out that not every app, such a denial of access puts away easily - may not work for certain services, or the app crashes.

The tweak is Apple before: The iPhone maker familiar yet the honesty of the developers and gives the IOS user has no control over the address book access through apps - whether the renewed debate about the hidden address upload by Path does so in the near future remains unclear. ContactPrivacy requires a jailbreak and is available through Cydia, after sources in the local repo Petr ego was added. [ Mac & I ]
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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