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Apple Safari 5.1.4 Updated is now Available

The brand new Safari model 5. 1. four is out. within the brand new edition fixes rather a lot when it comes to stability and safety have been integrated. The replace is on the market on programs with Leopard and Snow Leopard to be put in. The respective adjustments differ relying on the model of the working system a bit.

Apple Safari 5.1.4 logo

sooner Java Script and Flash bug fix

The new edition of Safari, amongst different issues was the execution velocity of Java Script . additionally varied bugs in collaboration with Flash have been mounted. This was a bug that occurred when counted from numerous web websites change again and forth. The content material was then flash to a white floor. In addition, was assist of HTML 5 video improves , so there is no display saver activates as soon as extra a video is watched on HTML 5. additionally the beginning time was shortened and improves stability.

Cookies can even be enabled for personal Browsing

A small new function is additionally integrated into the browser. And this could now allow cookies for personal shopping. The prerequisite is that the cookie was activated in regular shopping mode. A safety bug has been fastened additionally noticed to it that not all personal information is cleared on a site, regardless of setting. The browser on the assist pages are loaded from Apple.

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Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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