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Pod2g Dream Team Jailbreak Challenged by Apple

There are extra and extra jailbroken iDevice, and since the Dream Team's jailbreak is eagerly awaited by many customers at every of a brand new IOS.
The jailbreak is authorized in United States, Apple can not do a lot besides make the duty extra tough. Indeed, the agency screens progress jailbreak meadows.

Here's what we discovered on the Apple website:

Pod2g Dream Team Jailbreak Challenged

We see that pod2g is especially concerned, in addition to the remaining of the dream crew. In fact, the agency on the apple clearly pronounces thon the brand new IOS 5. 1 permits to manage vulnerabilities that had been found throughout earlier jailbreak, together with the sandbox.
Somehow, Apple problem the Dream workforce to seek out the issues within the iOS 5. 1, all of which have been corrected since iOS 5. 0. 1.

however that is not discouraging pod2g that is already on the spot.
Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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