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Flash Enhancer Use flash as an Indicator for ios

Flash Enhancer is a tweak that may enable us to make use of our iPhone as a flash notification indicator, bone will operate LED notifications. that could be very helpful to know, simply to see the flash, once you have unread notifications. in brief it is a warning system notifications.

After putting in it we go to Settings-Flash Enhancer and configure to your liking by adjusting parameters akin to time or brightness of the LED notifications we would like to be alerted by the flash.

the reality is that is admittedly useful, as there are conditions the place we have no sound or vibration triggered by any circumstance, have been forgotten or just cellphone within the room and we have not even forged a watch to see the notifications acquired, and Thus we are able to see that we have acquired notification.

Flash Enhancer is priced at $ three. 00 and is accessible in Cydia. to put in it you need to have an iPhone with iPhone OS 5. 0 and Jailbreak accomplished.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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