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Total Production Cost of Apple The New iPad 3G

Now, UBM Tech Insight two days after the official launch of the third technology of the iPad manufacturing worth of the brand new Apple pill appreciated. UBM Tech Insight has calculated how a lot the California firm for an iPad with the third generation, 16GB 4G (LTE) has to spend. in accordance to UBM Tech Insight the most recent technology iPad to be costly in manufacturing than the manufacturing of iPad 2

Total cost to produce the new iPad $ 310 per unit.

Retinal Display : $ 70 (iPad 2 Display: 49.5 dollars)
A5X Chip : $ 28 (iPad 2 A5 chip: $ 22)
LTE Chip : $ 21 (iPad 2 3G chip: $ 10)

Apple the new ipad 3 production cost

If one additional components, equivalent to the housing, the battery . . . and so forth. it expects, then it lastly involves simply underneath $ 310 manufacturing prices for the brand new iPad with LTE and 16GB. Apple makes fifty one p.c revenue per gadget thus, the iPad 2 with 3G, there have been nonetheless fifty six. Here, however, had been not the marketing, freight and different prices debriefed. that can additionally be simply pure no official estimates and values.

Muhammad Saqib

Muhammad Saqib

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